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Emulsifiers, or emulsion breakers, are a class of specialty chemicals used to separate emulsions, for example, water in oil. They are commonly used in the processing of crude oil, which is typically produced along with significant quantities of saline water. This water (and salt) must be removed from the crude oil prior to refining.
OiI Soluble Demulsifier

The oil soluble demulsifier is soluble in crude oil and organic solvents such as ethanol, benzene, methylbenzene etc instead of water. The speed of the emulsion breaking process in an oilfield is largely dependent on the chemicals used in the formulation of demusifiers used in demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions in oilfield.

Water Soluble Demulsifier

The water soluble demulsifier is soluble in oil, water, and could be mixed with water in any ratio, forming into emulsion when meeting with water.

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