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Detergents are metal salts of surfactants giving corrosion protection, deposit prevention and other formulation performance enhancements. Over based detergents incorporate colloidal basic inorganic components which neutralize acidic contaminants. Degrees of over basing, size and form of component affect detergent performance. Sulphonate-, phenate- and salicylate-type detergents incorporating calcium carbonate are the most widely used. Choices of detergent type and level are highly dependent on specific applications, and combinations are needed to optimize performance and cost.
Drilling Detergent Fluids Additive

Drilling Detergent is a special aqueous blend of anionic and non ionic surfactant and surface-active agents that reduces the surface tension of all water-based drilling fluids and reduces the sticking tendency of water-sensitive shale cuttings to the drilling assembly, whether it is fresh or saturated salt water.

Turbine Cleaner

Turbine cleaner is specially formulated with corrosion inhibitor with the non-ionic emulsifier and an organic solvent which helps to clean and protect turbine compressor.

Pipe Free Agent

Chemical additives like Pipe Free Agent Additive are widely used in the oil and gas sector to keep drill pipes from becoming clogged or sticking to pipes during drilling.

Casing Wash

Casing wash additives are compounds used in the oil and gas sector to improve the efficiency of drilling fluids. Casing wash additives are used to clear the wellbore of any debris or impediments that could impede drilling and to protect the formation from being harmed. If you want your drilling operations to go smoothly and last as long as possible.

Rig wash

Rigwash is low foaming, non flammable rig wash used for cleaning oil, grease and dirt from all surfaces including metals, painted surfaces, concrete, asphalt, and cleaning of workshop, repair yard, tanks, platform, metal scaffolding and other oil contaminated equipment externals.

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