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Dispersants stabilize contaminants during a lubricant’s lifetime and ameliorate negative effects of viscosity increase, wear, filter plugging, etc. Dispersants contain polar head groups with non-polar side chains with a range of molecule types available, reflecting formulation needs for many applications of different performance. Enhanced future lubricant specifications and new engine hardware require development of innovative dispersant technologies.
Wax / Parrafin Disperssant

Wax and paraffin dispersants are used to prevent the buildup of wax and paraffin deposits in oil and gas infrastructure, such as pipelines and flowlines.

Asphaltene Dispersant

Asphaltene dispersants do not prevent precipitation, but maintain precipitated asphaltenes in a dispersed state to prevent flocculation.

Pour Point Depressant(PPD)

pour point depressants are added to allow mineral oils to efficiently function at low temperatures, while also keeping the viscosity benefits at higher temperatures.

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