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Friction Reducers

Friction reducers are purposed to help make the hydraulic fracturing fluid slicker – hence the name “slickwater” given to the entire process. Formulations for friction reducer additives usually contain polyacrylamide, a water-soluble polymer that reduces friction and boosts the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid. The reduced friction increases pump efficiency, and the increased viscosity helps keep proppant in suspension and evenly distributed throughout the fluid. In addition to polyacrylamide, a friction reducer additive might contain petroleum distillates, surfactants, or other substances. The purpose of these substances is to increase the additive’s performance or compatibility with other additives in the hydraulic fracturing fluid.
Various combination Substance Classification and Function

Friction reducer (FR) types in the slickwater is critical to reduce friction loss, achieve a high drag reduction rate, and to ensure less formation damage while ensuring the porosity is at a premium

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