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Solid / Hollow PP Sheet

PP hollow boards (also known as corrugated plastic sheets, pp flute board sheets, fluteboard, pp flute boards and polyflute sheets), are two externally flat plastic sheets separated by small plastic beams perpendicular to them. It is made of high-density eco-friendly polypropylene. It is lighter and stronger than traditional plastic boards. Pp hollow sheets are ideal materials for packaging, transportation, electronics, advertising, construction, auto parts and other industries.

Advantages of polypropylene hollow sheet:
• Excellent durability, versatility and reusability
• Source manufacturers, the price is more favorable
• Strictly control each production process, the quality is guaranteed
• Water \ grease\ dirt\ (most) chemicals resistant.
• Brighter and more vibrant colors.
• Lightweight but stronger.
• Easy printing and the patterns and text are clear.
• Very environmentally friendly and recyclable

Custom features:
1. Anti-static – improve the precision of electronic products.
2. Flame retardant – it can stop burning quickly when encountering an open flame to ensure personal and property safety.
3. Corona Treatment – to ensure better ink adhesion to most adhesives.
4. UV treatment – Extend the life of the pp hollow boards when used outdoors.
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