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Surfactants are blended with co-surfactants which acts as active agents to enhance the properties of surfactant solution and helps to sustain optimal conditions with respect to pressure, temperature and salinity. The presence of surfactants also improves the wet ability (oil-wet to water-wet) of reservoir rock to enhance the recovery of oil.
Surfacctants (Broad range of formulated blends of non ionic and anionic surfactants, based on the requirement application)

Surfactants are generally used in drilling fluids to lower the fluid’s surface tension and increase its permeability through the formation. Drilling fluid and formation friction can be reduced with the use of surfactants, which help prevent formation damage.
Surfactant helps area of Emulsion Breaking, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Foam Control, Drilling Fluids which will greatly benefit resulting in Improved Oil Recovery, Emulsion Control, Corrosion Control, Foam Control, Cleaning.

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